Vegetarian Protein

Little About Vegetarian Protein

Being a vegetarian isn’t the easiest thing on Earth. The biggest problem is that we don’t know where do we get our vegetarian proteins from. So, if you’re a vegetarian and getting the right amount of proteins is your top priority we at Healthy You Supplements and nutrition have the perfect solutions for you. We provide a wide range of proteins/vegetarian proteins in chocolate, vanilla, wild berry and even unflavoured for those who choose to go subtle.

Our products in proteins/vegetarian proteins include:
  • Daily boost
  • Rice proteins
  • Vegan proteins
  • Harmonized proteins

We offer a wide variety of different proteins/vegetarian proteins brands to choose from, based on three aspects namely, Progressive, Natural factors and Precision supplements. Our products range from affordable prices of $ 4.95 to a modest sum of $ 56.95. So if you’re looking for a proper balance to your diet go ahead and try our healthy supplements today.