Almond and Peanut Butter Spreads

Little About Almond and Peanut Butter Spreads

What is an ideal bread spread that can make your breakfast healthy and rich in nutrients? Protein spread, of course are the most nutritious and delicious addition to your bread, especially when they are available in variety of flavors. Yes, Healthy You Supplements bring forth a wide range of peanut and almond butter spreads for you.

Rich in whey protein, a daily consumption of 2 tablespoon spread on a slice of bread can fulfill your body’s protein requirement. With zero percent Trans fat and zero amount of sodium, our spreads contain the highest quality of ingredients. If you are willing to buy protein spread in Canada, you can make a selection from the following flavors –

  • Chocolate chip
  • Cinnamon raisin
  • Coffee Bean
  • Cookie
  • White chocolate
  • Snickerdoddle
  • Sesame cranbutter
  • Chocolate coconut
  • Pumpkin spice
  • Toffee crunch
  • Almond

So what are you waiting for, pick your favorite flavor today!