ATP LAB Sleep Well Stack: Stressless + Optisom

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A formula designed to promote better restorative sleep in times of sleep disorders. Optisom 3.0 helps to synthesize and bind GABA, a neurotransmitter with relaxing effect. A low level of GABA can lead to enhance anxiety and strong stress reaction.
Optisom promotes :
• Central nervous system relaxation.
• The ability to fall asleep.
• Better restorative sleep.
• Anxiety reduction.
Skullcap (Lateriflora and Baicalensis):
Natural tranquilizer of the central nervous system. GABA’s agonistic activity can happen only with the help of skullcap and baicalin flavonoids. Helps to avoid the conversion of cortisone into cortisol in fat tissues.
California Poppy:
Sedative: Eschscholzia promotes sleep in adults. This natural hypnotic and anxiolytic eases mental disorders by normalizing psychological functions. It fights stress and nervousness, without addiction, like mild anxiety triggering heart palpitations
or tightening feeling. Eschscholzia is antispasmodic agent that eases pain, colic, intestinal irritations and cramps that come with sleeping disorders.
(With lasting effect for 7 hours
Melatonin is the sleep cycle regulating hormone, produced by the pineal gland as a reaction to circadian rhythm’s stimuli. It is inversely related to cortisol and inhibited by light exposure. Melatonin reaches its peak between 2 and 5 AM. It is a cycle regulator used to synchronise biological functions with daytime.
Vitamin B6 P-5-P:
Regulates brain’s neurotransmitters enzymatic activity related to an enhance dreaming activity during paradoxical sleep because of a higher dopamine level and serotonin production in the brain. (Induced enzyme P-5-P).
Amino acid promoting relaxation and sleep. Plays a key role as a relaxing agent by easily crossing the blood-brain barrier. Supplementation is believed to be link to an enhance alpha wave activity in the brain, particularly in people predisposed to anxiety.
It doesn’t figure within the 20 standard amino acids’ list. Nonetheless, it is still important, mostly when related to arginine and particularly through ammoniac degradation as a result of protein metabolism. Ornithine also contributes to cellular detoxification from ammoniac in the urea cycle. According to scientists, insomnia is predominantly linked to ammonia’s brain toxicity. That’s why ornithine supplementation leads to better sleep quality in addition to supporting liver detoxification. Arginine and ornithine may also prevent liver damage caused by medication and chemical substances while also stimulating liver regeneration.
Great for inducing sleep. Helps to ease anxiety, nervousness and headaches.



Our bodies can deal with short-term intense stress effectively. However, a build-up of stress levels over the long-term can affect both your physical health and mental well-being. This is why ATP laboratories created Stressless, which allows you to simultaneously manage day-to-day stress and increase your energy levels. Helps to increase energy and resistance to stress Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins Helps to form red blood cells Provides antioxidants


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