Little About Glutamine

Glutamine- an overview

Glutamine is an amino acid produced naturally by our body in organs such as brain, heart, kidney, lungs, and liver. Typically, it is a non-essential amino acid but researchers affirm that it is essential, especially during increased metabolic rate.

Role of glutamine health supplements in our body

Muscles contain glutamine in abundance that utilizes it in the synthesis of skeletal muscles. Strenuous physical exercises deplete their reserves in our body. The health supplements are available in the form of powders or gel capsules carrying L-Glutamine which aid to increase muscle mass by hypertrophy during anabolism. Its exploding popularity bears credit to its safe way of accelerating muscle building process, in tandem with the exercise programs, thereby enhancing strength threshold and endurance. It promotes the enhancement of human growth hormone (HGH) levels in the body. It is required for burning fat and releasing energy. Effective functioning of the brain, kidney, digestive and immune system requires Glutamine.