Little About Creatine

Overview of Creatine

Creatine phosphate, a molecule that is responsible for energy generation in muscles produces creatine as a byproduct of muscular metabolism. It enters kidney through the bloodstream and finally eliminates from the body through urine. It is a natural ingredient found in muscle cells that make them powerful and ameliorates endurance level. In short, it is a reservoir of massive energy and maintains muscle tone.

Sources of Creatine

Protein-rich diet such as fish, meat, legumes etc are abundant in creatine. Along with that, one needs to take iron-rich diet in order to balance creatine levels, as both are directly proportional to each other. One needs to have balanced creatine levels in order to meet fitness goals.

Role of Creatine as Body-building Supplement

It is responsible for growth and repair of skeletal muscle cells and contributes to vital muscular mass, making them powerful with increased tenacity. During heavy workout session, muscles get starved of ATP, here the role of creatine comes into play, by providing short bursts of energy. It enhances body’s ability to store more glycogen allowing one to train vigorously and for a longer duration.