About Us


Healthy You Supplements is Canadian owned and operated. We strongly believe a healthy lifestyle is a combination of fitness training, macronutrients & micronutrients and a healthy balance of supplements.

We are aware that there are so many supplements on the market which can make it incredibly challenging for our customers to make a choice. We ensure our team of fitness consultants and nutritionists stay ahead of the curve through continuous education and learning about ways to assist our customers are getting the supplements suited to their goals and needs.


Our customers are our #1 priority. Our goal is to continually meet and exceed our customers expectations, through our service, supplement lines, and of course our prices! Our customers are health conscious, environmentally friendly, smart people. They know a great brand when they see one and we shall continue to work tirelessly to ensure we update our brands to those supplements & vitamins we trust in order to guarantee you are getting the best value.

We recognize that all our customers are different; hence we want to make sure we offer a selective, wide array of quality brands to cater to all our customers. We want to make sure, you our customers are offered the best possible products and above all, our superior service.

Your success is our greatest achievement, which is why we offer free supplement advice to our customers over the phone, via email, social media and through our website chat. As a leading supplement retailer in Canada focused on providing complete nutrition solutions, we pride ourselves on offering a customer-tailored approach to finding the right products for your dietary requirements and goals.


Healthy You Supplement guarantees the lowest price, highest quality of service, and 100% satisfaction.

Please feel free to leave us a testimonial comment about your experience and if there is a product you are interested in and we do not offer it, please let us know.